Learning About Tennis Court Spaces

Before setting aside space to build a tennis court, you need to have the basic ideas of the amount of space you need to have a court. Depending on the type of tennis court to be built, you will need a particular size patch of land available. Domestic tennis courts (click here for tennis court spaces ideas) need a relatively small space while commercial tennis courts need a relatively large space.

Tennis Court Spaces

There is one standard however. This is in regards to the size of the pitch. The exterior dimensions of a regular tennis court usually measure 60’ by 120’. The playing lines are usually 78’ from baseline to baseline and 36’ between the double lines. This leaves a region of 21’ from baseline to fence line and 12 from double sidelines to adjoining side fence line. You also need to consider the setback requirement which is usually the demarcation you have to set between property lines. Checking the setback requirements with the Planning Department in your location will help you determine the amount of space you need for your tennis court.

On knowing the amount of space you need versus the amount of space you have, you can decide whether it is worthwhile calling civil planers to assess the region. There are however some things you should consider before you consider putting the planners to task. These include:

  • The nature of the surrounding environment

  • The form of amenities you will need close to the tennis court

  • Ease of access to the place

These aspects are worth consideration since tennis courts are best built away from areas with plenty of trees. The kind of amenities that you need will also require space thus the need to ensure that you have sufficient space in place. The ease of access to the region is important since it is god to consider how those who want to make use of the court will access the location